Yoko Danno: Woman in a Blue Robe

Denis Doyle: The Rhododendron Forest

Andrew Fitzsimons: What the Sky Arranges

Andrew Fitzsimons: A Fire in the Head

Jessica Goodfellow: The Insomniac’s Weather Report

Lesley Hardy: Dreaming of Zeus

Peter Makin: Neck of the Woods

Peter Robinson: Approach to Distance

Peter Robinson: The Draft Will

Paul Rossiter: From the Japanese

Paul Rossiter: Seeing Sights

Paul Rossiter: Temporary Measures

Paul Rossiter: World Without

Philip Rowland: Something Other Than Other

Masaya Saito: Snow Bones

Genzō Sarashina: Kotan Chronicles: Selected Poems 1928–1943

Eric Selland: Arc Tangent

Eric Selland: Beethoven’s Dream

David Silverstein: Whispers, Sympathies, & Apparitions: Selected Poems

C. E. J. Simons: One More Civil Gesture

Royall Tyler: A Great Valley Under the Stars

Giuseppe Ungaretti: The Sunken Keep