Paul Rossiter

65th birthday coloursax(29x29)180Paul Rossiter was born in Cornwall in 1947. After visiting Japan for six months in 1969, he worked as a saxophonist in Scotland and England (photo on the left) until he moved permanently to Japan in 1981. He retired from teaching English and applied linguistics at the University of Tokyo in 2012 (photo on the right) and in the following year founded Isobar Press, which specialises in publishing English-language poetry from Japan. In addition to his three Isobar books, three earlier volumes of his poetry have been published in Japan: In Daylight (Printed Matter, 1995), Monumenta Nipponica (Saru, 1995), and The Painting Stick (Pine Wave, 2005).

 From the Japanese

Seeing Sights

World Without

Temporary Measures

David Silverstein: Whispers, Sympathy, and Apparitions (editor)

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